The Academic Support Programme

The collage provides the following programme to assist students in their learning endeavours :

  1. Consultation Hours
  2. Enrichment Class
  3. Peer Group Teaching
  4. Intensive Revision Programme (IRP)


Consultation Hours

This session gives students the opportunity to obtain assistance from the teachers. It is conducted in the afternoons between 2.00 to 4.00 p.m. every weekday throughout the semester.

Students may consult their teachers voluntarily or arrange appointments to hold discussions at specific times. Every week, each teacher would have at least one meeting with their students to assist with problems encountered in attempting assignments or difficulties in understanding the lessons taught in class.

Students are also welcome to see their respective mentors to seek advice on adjustments to hostel life and academic expectations; career, university choice or even personal matters.


Enrichment Class

These classes are held for students with poor performance in specific subject areas. They are organized throughout the semester and the selection of students is based on two factors:

  • student who failed in any subject taken in the semester exam.
  • student whose weak performance is identified by the subject teacher.

The class for every subject is held bi-weekly after academic hours.


Peer Group Teaching

This session provides students whose academic performance is weak to learn from those who excelled. The meetings for different subjects are held during the weekends for an hour and a half. Every group consists of 5 students including the student who supervises the session. The student-facilitators for each subject are chosen based on their outstanding exam results while those who are placed under them are students who have failed in any one subject more than one semester. The Peer Group Teaching usually begins early in the semester and goes on for 3 months.



The mentoring system or academic adviser aims to give the opportunity for students to meet up with teachers for academic or personal advice. Each student is placed under the supervision of a mentor or teacher who is reponsible in holding meetings at appropriate times.

Students need to be commited in every meeting and planned activities; meanwhile, the teacher will also be involved in solving problems faced by students. Besides that, these teachers will be responsible writing confidential reports which are to be submitted along with the student's university application.

The college will only hold a meeting early in the semester to announce exam results. If there is a change in address, students need to inform their mentor and fill in a change of address form which can be obtained at the counselor's office.



This programme starts five weeks prior to the IB final exam and it is based on the basic concept of learning stated below:


Carrying out spaced repetitions will further strengthen student's comprehension of the subject content.


The Objectives of IRP

To increase students' understanding of particular subject systematically over the period of five weeks in preparation for the final exam.

The spaced repetition will provide students with the opportunity to end or revise the same content of the subject studied in three different ways throughout the five allocated five weeks.

The programme is divided into two parts. It can be briefly noted as follows :

Part 1 is made up 3 tasks :

Task 1 - Writing notes (done early in the semester)

Task 2 - Group presentation on the given topic

Task 3 - Explanation and Recall


Part 2 encompasses 3 steps :

Step 1 - (Group work)

Answering 8 to 10 sets of past year questions.

Step 2 - (Individual work)

Answering past year questions in half the usual given time.

Step 3 - (Group work)

Checking of answers. Each group is assigned as the exam panel.

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