• Lodging

    There are 6 hostel blocks with 75 rooms in each block (2 storey building). Each room can accommodate two students.

    1. Bed, closet, desk and chair per student for each room.
    2. television room and a Common Room for all blocks. 
    3. Place for ironing shirts and boiling water is provided at every level.
    Dormitory rules:
    1. Dorm rooms and facilities :
      • Students shall respect the quiet time every day: 12.00 midnight to 6.00 am.
      • Rooms must be kept clean and tidy. Shoes, towels and clothing should be arranged at the right place.
      • Lights should be switched off at 12.00 midnight. However, students are allowed to use a study light.
    2. Use of appliances (electric or otherwise) :
      • Only battery-operated radios are allowed to be used in the room.
      • Students are prohibited from setting up any electrical connections themselves. If such an incident happens, the student will receive severe punishment.
      • Students are not allowed to do any cooking.
  • Laundry Services

    Our facilities include 10 washers and dryers which are operated by our staff. 

  • Food

    Provided 5 times a day in the Dining Hall.

    Dining Hall Rules

    Students are :

    • Not allowed to bring food back to the hostel.
    • Not allowed to take out the goods / equipment of the dining hall.
    • To be well-dressed when in the dining hall.
    • To always keep the dining hall clean.
    • To show good behavior and be polite to the dining hall staffs.
    • Required to queue for the food and be considerate of other students by not cutting the queue.
    • Forbidden to eat or sit in pairs of different gender groups.
    • Only allowed to take food at the given time frame only.
  • College Co-Operative(CO-OP)

    The Co-Op sells a variety of products including essentials for students, stationery, food, magazines, etc. We also provide the opportunity for students to register as a co-op member and entail certain benefits. This will require a fee of RM20. A yearly dividend of 10% will be awarded to students excluding the rebate from their purchase.

    Students are advised to be actively involved in co-op affairs, in particular, a voluntary involvement with the Co-operative Board during its Annual General Meeting.

  • Wifi

    Unlimited Wifi access is provided for students. They can have access to the internet at the academic blocks, library, dining hall and dorms.

  • Food Court

    Opens everyday from 4pm - 10pm except during the semester break.

  • Transportation

    Kolej Mara Banting provides a bus with a capacity of 38 passengers and a van with a capacity of 10 persons each for student activities (Guide is free to all student activities).

    The college van provides two trips for sick students to be sent to Pusat Kesihatan Kecil Bukit Changgang or Banting Hospital at 8.30 am and 2.30 pm daily.


  • The College has 33 classrooms, two lecture halls, 10 science laboratories ( 4 Chemistry labs, 2 Physics labs and 4 Biology labs) and three computer laboratories.

    Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

    The LRC provides text books, magazines and journals in Malay and English for pre-university programmes on the ground floor, while the first floor provides a wide range of novels in Bahasa Malaysia and English. There are 30 computers and 7 printers available for student to use.

    Wireless Internet access is also available.

    Learning Resource Centre Ethics:
    1. Students must dress appropriately when entering the library.
    2. Students identity card must always be worn when entering the library.
    3. Students are prohibited from drinking, eating, sleeping or behaving indecently in the library.
    4. Sitting in pairs of different gender are strictly prohibited.
    5. Books loans must be recorded before and after the loan. Books should be returned by the due date.
    6. Students are requested to pay compensation at market price if the borrowed books are lost.
  • Health and Medical Assistance

    Students are required to register at the administration office before going to the clinic or health center. Emergency cases outside of the academic session will be dealt with by the Warden, assisted by 13 wardens.


  • Security

    Kolej Mara Banting has 5 security guards (private) on duty to patrol around the college. There is a warden residing in every hostel block, while 7 office wardens will be on duty at the office on a rotation basis (including weekends). Emergency training patrol by JKKK / RELA off-campus by the local community will be conducted in accordance with the current situation.

Contact Us

  • Kolej Mara Banting
  • Jalan Labuhan Dagang,
  • Bukit Changgang,
  • 42700 Banting, Selangor
  • Coordinate : 2.820223,101.623943
  • Tel     : 03-31491304 || 1318
  • Faks : 03-31491061
  • Emel : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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